A comprehensive approach, for a wellness that lasts.

A Weight Loss Program Designed for You

For more than 15 years, Valley Weight Control Center has provided their unique combination of individualized care, customized supplement/medication regiments, and nutritional education to more than 10,000 patients, helping them achieve their weight loss goals. We take a comprehensive approach to battling obesity and its complications (including diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure). Our programs are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs, to help you lose weight safely, and then to maintain that weight loss.

A Team Committed to Your Success

If you've been discouraged by unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, we encourage you to speak with us. Our program is not a diet or quick fix: it is a lifestyle change. With our help, you will learn healthy habits to increase your energy, improve your mood, and lose weight. We also recognize the importance of convenience and easy access to resources. That's why we're centrally located and, after your initial consultation, most office visits take less than 5 minutes. Being healthy is a choice that must be made every day. We help you make it.

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