VWCC and You

Our Program: VWCC and You

Supplements & Medications: Natural, Safe, and Effective

Our variety of natural supplements has been specially selected–and in some cases created?by our experienced team of care providers. In cases where prescription medication is required, it is administered by a physician. Your safety is our first priority, and all medication/supplement regimens are customized specifically for you.

Our Program for Children: Lifelong Lessons for Healthy, Active Kids

Great health is a lifelong commitment, and it can begin at any age. No boy or girl deserves to experience childhood while overweight. Children enrolled in our pediatric program actually want to eat healthy. We teach your son or daughter the right foods to eat and provide the tools necessary to stay happy, healthy, and active.

Pregnancy and Weight Control: Healthy from the start

Pregnancy brings with it hormonal changes that may cause increased hunger and cravings that lead to weight gain. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy may contribute to a more difficult labor and increased size of your baby. Our natural supplements (safe for you and your baby) can control hunger and cravings during pregnancy and while breast-feeding. Our experienced staff will monitor your weight gain during pregnancy and, afterwards, help you lose that extra "baby weight". Learn the right techniques now and give yourself and your baby a healthy start.

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